Being a nation of animal lovers has resulted in a huge surge in pet ownership over the past year, many for the first time. According to Consumer Intelligence, around 1 in 10 people sought to get a pet after restrictions were introduced. Over half of those had never owed a pet before.

Of the first-time pet-owners…

50% have said that the experience has been ‘brilliant’
39% have said that the experience has been ‘good overall’
11% have said that the experience has been ‘mixed or negative overall’


40% of those first-time pet owners bought a dog.

What 5 things do you need to consider when you are a first-time dog owner?


Different breeds have different temperaments. For instance, Chihuahuas tend to be alert, confident and courageous, whilst Beagles are known for being clever, curious and headstrong and Alsatians have a reputation of being loyal, protective, and active. When you are deciding which dog to own, you need to consider its temperament and how it fits with you and your family’s lifestyle.


Dogs require good healthcare. Make sure you take into consideration the cost of veterinary care and unexpected health problems.


Your dog will need you just as much as you need them. Dogs are social creatures, rather than solitary and shouldn’t spend too much time alone. Ensure that you have the resources to take care of them even when you are busy or on holiday.


Your dog will have different dietary needs dependent on their age, size and general health condition. Whilst most dog foods contain the suitable nutrients and vitamins your dog needs, your dog might need vitamin supplementation, especially if your dog suffers from absorption problems due to disease, pregnancy, allergies, or an unhealthy diet. Make sure you keep an eye out for the labels on your dog food, as they will explain what age group the food is most suited to and how much should be consumed at a single time. Access to a clean bowl of water at all times is also crucial.


You need to ensure that you have a set-up suitable for a dog. This means having a comfortable place for them to rest, plenty of room for them to run about and a suitable place for them to go to the bathroom.

When you are a first-time dog owner, you become responsible for the health and wellbeing of a companion for life. You need to make sure that all of your dog’s needs are met, not just whilst we are in lockdown, but as lockdown restrictions ease and a sense of normality resumes. Your dog will still need sufficient walks and lots of human contact after restrictions are lifted. A GPS dog tracker could prove handy after lockdown, especially if you are looking to hire a professional dog walker to keep your pup entertained during the day.