For some people (most, we would hope) their relationship with their dog walker is friendly, open and honest.  The trouble is this is not always the case.

Someone's look at youMax’s is a great example of a broken down relationship.

“I work a pretty long day – so I really need a good and reliable dog walker.  Chloe (my Golden Retriever) needs a lot of exercise.  So I got a dog walker – she seemed friendly and honest.  But pretty soon I got suspicious.  Chloe never seemed to get dirty and after a while I thought she was putting on weight, confirmed by a subsequent visit to the vet.”

So Max took action.  He bought an expensive camera and wired up his sitting room / kitchen area.  And lo and behold, there was his dog walker, sitting in his sofa and watching Philip Schofield every morning.  Naturally Max and his dog walker parted ways.   But Max now gets up at 05:30 every morning (dog walkers are particularly hard to find).

It doesn’t have to be like that.

A GPS dog tracker is a great way of managing the relationship with walkers / dog sitters.  Insist on sharing your app by selling the benefits – it will really help them if they lose their precious charge.  But the subliminal message is clear.


UBEE trackers not only show you when your dog leaves home but you can see where they are in real time.  It is also possible to see historical data for up to 3 months showing exactly where your dog has been on any given day.

Don’t be like Max – UBEE HAPPY.