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Why hasn’t my gps tracker updated its location?

Read why your tracker doesn’t always send you an updated location even though it’s scheduled to.


How to use GeoFence in the UBEEQUEE app

A GeoFence is a virtual ‘safe’ zone, and you’ll get an alert if your tracker leaves it. This video shows you how to create one.


Battery management for Ubeequee GPS trackers

The key to good tracker performance is keeping the battery topped up and healthy. This video shows you how to do just that.


Important things to know about Dementia

It is as important as ever that we all know more about dementia.
Walk to School

Time for your kid to walk to school alone?

We've compiled a few factors that ought to be considered before letting your kid walk to and from school alone.
Cat reply

Official Response to the Dissatisfied Cat

Last week, Jasper, the Siamese cat wrote to us with his concerns. Here is our official response.
Dog Partner

6 signs you love your dog more than your partner

There is no love quite like the unconditional love you have for your four-legged friends.

A letter from a dissatisfied cat

Jasper, the Siamese cat took time out of his very busy day to write us a strongly worded letter.
Kids pets

Why you should get your kids a pet

Here are just some of the many research backed reasons why your kid needs a fluffy best friend.
First phone

At what age should your child get a phone?

Factors to consider when's the right time for your kid to get their first phone.
Wandering in Dementia

Wandering in dementia prevention

Wandering is very common for people with dementia.
Picture of a lost cat in a box

How to find your lost cat

Losing your cat can be an owner’s worst nightmare.
Post lockdown anxiety for children

Easing Post-Lockdown Separation Anxiety

With the the reopening of schools you might be feeling post-lockdown separation anxiety.
Voice Applications

Voice Applications

How to set up your voice data subscription.
GPS and the law