UBEEQUEE trackers primarily use GPS which is outdoor technology. This video shows how the trackers can make use of LBS and WiFi positioning systems should there not be an adequate GPS signal.

Video transcript:

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and uses 24 satellites to cover the whole planet.

Trackers measure their distance from satellites by the time taken for the signal to arrive.

At least 3 satellites are needed, which is why it can take a few minutes to connect.

The location is accurate to an amazing 5 metres.

Unfortunately, the GPS signal cannot pass through wood, rock or concrete.

When a GPS signal cannot be achieved, LBS or WiFi positioning is used.

LBS calculates location in much the same way as GPS, but uses phone masts instead.

These signals are not as accurate as GPS so accuracy is only 500-1500 metres.

TOP TIP: You can disable LBS in settings to avoid location jumps.

WiFi positioning picks up signals from known mapped networks.

This is accurate to 50 metres; however it relies on there being a known network nearby.

UBEEQUEE GPS trackers are designed for the great outdoors and work best outside.

If you have any technical enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our UK based support team on help@ubeequee.com