Whether you purchased a pandemic pet, or have had one for years, they will have become very used to having you around this past year and you may be concerned about the separation anxiety a return to busy life outside of the four walls you call home could cause you and your pet. It’s perfectly possible to strike a balance where your pet is happy and you are able to live your best life. That’s why we have created this guilt free guide to leaving your pet at home.

Leaving your pet at home Guilt free

Keep your pet occupied

Your dog will want to be kept entertained and if you don’t offer them something to keep busy with, you may come home to find your favourite chair has been chewed to shreds. If you are going to be out of the house all day, leave them something to play with. We recommend a dog chew that takes hours to finish.

Leave a background noise on

Keeping a radio or television on during the day can help your pet feel less lonely. It will also mean that they aren’t as easily startled by low sounds such as the fridge or cars driving past.

Get rid of strict schedules

If you train your pet to expect a walk or meal at the same time every day, they are going to become agitated if it doesn’t come into fruition. By changing up their routine by a few hours each day, your pet will become more patient and willing to adapt to your schedule.

Invest in a pet flap

Installing a cat or dog flap will mean that your pet has access to both indoor and outdoor spaces whilst you are out.

Monitor from afar

Installing a camera which can stream instantly to your phone could prove reassuring. It will allow you to keep an eye on them and make sure they aren’t getting up to anything they shouldn’t.

Organise a walker

Whilst it’s important you take your pet for a walk before you leave them, it’s not always convenient. Organising a dog walker to get your dog out the house and break up their day will both save you time and keep your pet happy. If you are concerned about leaving your pet with someone unfamiliar, try using a GPS pet tracker. This will allow you to keep tabs on them as they go off on their adventures.

Ultimately, leaving your pet at home should not be a stressful experience. Your pet does not need or expect you to be home all day everyday and will quickly adapt to you leaving the house more often. The gentle ease in restrictions will help them adapt at a more manageable pace.