With the majority of us living in some sort of lockdown and staying at home much more than we used to, it’s more evident now than ever how much time your cat is spending outdoors. It is not atypical of cats to disappear for hours or even days, but it can be anxiety inducing for many cat mums and dads. In this blog we will outline the most common reasons why your cat is disappearing off into nature.

5 common reasons why your cat is running away from home


Cats are territorial creatures and will need to establish their own territory. Whilst this geographical zone could be limited to your home or garden, it could also be much more extensive and span your neighbourhood. A cat’s territory is very important to them and whilst they may love spending time with you, protecting their territory is equally as important to them.


If you have recently moved house, your cat may be feeling a little lost and confused. Like us, cats are creatures of habit and don’t usually like change. If your cat is disappearing for hours and hours, they might be searching for their old home or trying to get used to their new stomping ground.

Second Home

Your cat may have found another safe place that they enjoying spending time at. Cats sometimes meet friendly humans who feed them and allow them into their home. Your cat may disappear off to see them, especially if your home life is a bit more disruptive than usual (could be due to loud building work or a screaming baby which is causing your cat to feel threatened).


Unneutered cats in heat can disappear for days or even weeks whilst they search for another cat to mate with. Their hunter instincts are also heightened when they are unneutered which can make your cat more prone to getting into fights. Sterilisation can calm these instincts, but that doesn’t mean that they disappear entirely.

Stuck or injured

Cats are instinctively curious beings and through that comes risk. Whilst out exploring your cat may underestimate the size of a gap or height of a tree, leaving them stuck. Most cats will be able to get out of a sticky situation by themselves, but other times they may need assistance.

If you are worried about the whereabouts and safety of your cat, why not try a UBEE CAT GPS tracker. Not only will you be able to track their location, you will be able to search their historical activity as well as get a notification pinged straight to your phone when they leave a certain safe zone of your choosing. Give yourself the peace of mind and reassurance that your kitty will make it home safely from all of his/her adventures.